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Beginners Guide to kratom

Beginners guide to kratom

This is my introduction to kratom paper. In it, I will go over the negative and positive effects of kratom, the different types of kratom, and then finally a few different ways of ingesting kratom.

Kratom is a tropical tree native to southeast Asia and the leaves of this tree have a long history of use both in Buddhist ceremonial activity, as well as being used by manual workers to help with fatigue and pain reduction. A member of the coffee family, kratom is prized for its stimulating effects as well as for pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Today many claim that it is a natural solution to the opiate epidemic which has gotten it into controversy as the DEA has attempted to make it illegal nationally on several different occasions.

Traditionally pronounced “kra-tóm” it is considered to be mostly an opiate but also has mild psychostimulant-like effects that start about 10 to 20 min after ingestion and then lasts about 3-6 hours. The stimulating effects happen more at low dosages (less than 5g) and the opiate/sedative-like effects happen more in the 5g-15g range. For anyone that does not take kratom regularly, taking over 15g at one time will usually make one sick and so there is a sort of natural safety mechanism built into the plant to stop anyone from overdosing. Many have reported their experiences on erwid.org and here I have some of the things people have said.

“I felt relaxed and sedated and free of my normal back and thumb pain. I also felt a nice fuzzy feeling all over which I get from smoking pot sometimes”

“I start to feel this intense warmth come over my entire body. It feels like a combination of my first MDMA-high combined with an intense Oxicoton like twist, along with social aspects like cocaine.”

Personally, I will often take this before a social event to simulate the social effects of alcohol but without the hangover which is a nice bonus. It also give me energy and makes me sharp whereas alcohol tends to make me more sloppy.

Kratom is the natural opiate and it comes with all the potential danger of opiates just to a much lesser degree. Addiction is the one that kratom users should be most aware of.

In order to be a responsible user we should be aware of the negative effects. At lower dosages >5g, there are mostly stimulant effects, so negative side effects would include anxiety, agitation; and then on the opiate side of things you get itching, nausea, loss of appetite, and then you may need to pee a lot.

I knew a guy that would take 20+g per day and then he said that sometimes he would even take 30+ and said that whenever he would get to that high of a dosage that he would always puke up a bunch of green slime and then pass out. So like I said, there is a natural safety mechanism to kratom.

Long-term use of kratom can lead to tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal symptoms which can get really bad. Loss of appetite, decreased sex drive, trouble sleeping, muscle spasms, bone pain, jerky movement, fever, diarrhea, massive mood swing, and more. The guy that I mentioned said he would take about 20g of kratom every day for about 3 years and when it came time to quit he said that he would still get withdrawal symptoms even 3 months after. He said it was like lying in a very uncomfortable position but not being able to move.

Now for the 3 main types of kratom

The 3 main types are red-veined, white-veined, and green-veined. As the name would indicate the type of kratom has to do with what color the vein in the leaf is. Red-veined kratom has red veins on the leaf and is the most popular type of kratom. It is valued for its sedative-like effects and users generally report the effects to be calming and pleasant. Selling far more than the other two kratoms combined, red-veined is great for anyone looking to get off opiates or as a starting point for anyone looking to explore the plant and its uses.

Next up we have white veined. Generally considered to be the most stimulating of all the strains, white-veined kratom is used for mood enhancement as well as for euphoria. More and more it’s being used to replace things like coffee for alertness, concentration, and cheerfulness. Recommended for people who experience gloomy periods of the day and sometimes need a pick me up, also good for people looking for a pre-workout powder; white-veined kratom can give you that extra boost desired.

Finally, we have green-veined kratom which is right in the middle of both red and white. It is known for its mild stimulating properties as well as its sedative-like effects. The biggest advantage for the Green-veined is that its effects do not lead to drowsiness which is something that is often caused by the red-veined variety, making green-veined kratom the ideal kratom to combat pain while being still able to stay awake and alert. Some people mixed green-veined with either red or white to prevent over-numbing from the red, and too much overstimulation from the white with an end result of a more balanced, sophisticated effect.

Other honorable mentions are Meng Da which is considered to be the strongest strain. It comes in both red and white veined.

Most important is that you get high-quality kratom. I have another video where I go over my top online kratom vendors which I conclude with The Golden Monk because they for sure have high quality but their pricing sets them far and above the rest of the online vendors as they sometimes have pricing that is half of what their competitors are offering. Check out my link.


Now for the final part, we have kratom recipes.

The guy I have referenced in this video first introduced me to kratom and what he would do is what’s called a parachute, which is a method by which you take your dose of kratom and wrap it in toilet paper and then swallow it with water. This would basically be the poor man’s gel capsules and is not my recommendation.

Next, we have capsules. You can get empty dietary capsules at any health food store and then you just need to fill the capsules up with kratom. Generally, 1g capsules are about as big as they come and you would need to take a few to get the desired effects. This is probably the most popular way of ingesting kratom just because it avoids the bitter taste.

Finally, we have my preferred method which is kratom tea. With tea, you can get your dosage extremely accurate and what I like to do is make a slightly large batch of tea, drink it slowly and stop when I am feeling like I have had enough. Be sure to use something acidic, like lemon juice or vinegar to make your kratom stronger, healthier, and tastier.

For my video on how to make kratom tea, click here.

This has been my introduction video to kratom. Thanks for coming along. Be sure to check out other videos on how to make kratom tea, or my top online kratom vendors video. Thanks for watching.