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Denver Revisited

First few hours in Denver and I already find myself in Lela’s Cafe. Lela’s is a bit of second home for me. It’s a 24-hour coffee shop that’s located right downtown. There have been more than a few nights of getting sloppy drunk here or using it as a layover place while I am between jobs or housing which is what I am doing right now. Seeing the same regulars that were here 6 months ago and then even the same regulars that have been here 3 years ago bring back some interesting memories; some good and some bad. I have been through a lot here in Denver and there is much pain in what I remember. It takes work to make it in this city. Not to get ahead of myself but this coming summer I think I will look for housing away from downtown and away from the memories. Something that takes advantage of the amazing outdoors here in this state. Maybe Boulder or maybe south of Boulder.

It’s always a good experience going back to Minnesota. Spending time with the family and the friends that I love so much keeps me grounded in a way. I should have sold my RV much earlier than I did and so I was a bit crunched into leaving the way that I did. I don’t have as much money as I would like to have but the good thing about Denver is that I have three potential jobs that I can pick up on the spot. Today and tomorrow I will ride pedicabs and then Monday I can work the canvassing business if I need. Tonight is a Saturday and tomorrow there is a football game so I feel that I can expect a good amount of cash to help me out with purchasing skis. If I still need a bit more I can even go and knock doors to make a bit of extra cash. After I have enough money to pay rent and buy skis then it’s time to retreat to my winter wonderland and find the groove of teaching people how to ski. I am looking forward to the ride up the mountain and to never coming back down.

When leaving MN I was somewhat indecisive in my choice of how to get to CO. At first I was going to take my motorcycle and so spent a good amount of money getting the bike fixed but then ended up buying a plane ticket. It’s alright in the end because I would have needed to spend the money on the bike eventually but did not need to spend it immediately and so now have a bit less money to buy things like an appt or skis. Just a little note on being more decisive. A bit a learning on how to make choices is in order at this very moment. Actually, this entire paper is dedicated to having a plan. I must point out that it’s those little decisions that you can’t plan for that are the decisions that will fuck you up.

Right now I am just chillin. Super tired but ready for life. Right now I write and I wait. I wait for the night and for tomorrow. Meeting up with some old friend and looking for everything that I want out of life. Massive success. Something that sets me apart for the masses all trolling around in this world. It takes massive amounts of motivation and even more amounts of work, but it’s simple in this way where you know what you have to do. Question for all of us is, can you do it?

My first goal is to quick video games. If I can stay clean for a month then I can move onto something new, like eating a super awesome diet. For now, I need to focus on the little things and not get ahead of myself. Simple really; simple but not easy.