Ronnie Grimes the Wood Worker

I first me Ronnie at a Jimmy Johns downtown New Orleans. We had both been hired as biker delivery guys on the same day and we were both tossed into the confused mess with the rest of the delivery guys. Something my dad taught me is that when working your first day at a new job be sure to say something to everyone you see. As I passed through the crowed of Jimmy Johns employees Ronnie came up to me and we started to conversate. I noticed that the tattoo on his arm looked Polynesian and so I brought up Hawaii. Turns out the Ronnie lived on the island the same time that I did but on a different island. He was also into funk and I told him that he should meet my roommate so that they could start a funk band.

Ronnie never ended up meeting my roommate but we did end up hanging out a decent about in NOLA getting into adventures like urban climbing and going downtown to hit on women. When Ronnie was leaving NOLA, I threw him a going away party of which he didn’t show up. It turned out to be a kick ass party and for missing it I still rub it into Ronnie face to this day. We stayed in contact as he moved to Boulder CO and I to Minnesota and would frequently call each other to share what’s up. Ronnie was turning into a very good friend.

Eventually I made up my mind to move away from MN. It was getting bland and to the point where I was going to need to either commit to staying in one place or make a move. I always make the move when it comes to that point. Originally, I was going to head back south to be with my friend Moose but in the chaos of travel I ended up in Boulder CO living in the “Twack Shack” with Ronnie and a few other travelers. Ronnie and I have been able to grow together for a long time now and have become great friends. Someone I plan on going on great adventures like canoeing the Mississippi with.

When I first met Ronnie, I thought he was something like my age but come to find out he is more like 40 years old. This is something that usually throws me off and if it where me I would feel like that weird old guy but with him it seems to work. As we become more comfortable with each other I find myself listening to him talk about how he can sense other people’s psychic energies over thousands of miles away. Most of the time he can rant about how in his past he had to overcome people trying to destroy him and how he has had to overcome a fair amount from his past. I think he is old are scarred but I humor him non-the-less. Today, he is thankful for having new friends now, new friends that are happy for his success and don’t want him back as that lazy friend they once knew.

I tell him that he needs to build an energetic shield to protect him from the psychic forces in this world. Something that would allow him to go anywhere and keep his good character no matter what is thrown at him. He agrees with me but will still rant about how other people are trying to get in his mind. I keep on trying to develop a way to teach him how to keep them out. Being that I don’t understand the mental realm in nearly the same way that he does it makes things difficult. Something along the lines of aggression back at the places of attack might be what I think but Ronnie is much more passive than I. Sometimes I can help him out by being the aggressor to something that he should be aggressive at but does not have the frame of mind to put that type of energy out into the world.

He is a great business partner and together him and I are working on making wooden pipes ($10), cutting board ($45), and eventually want to work our way up to making and selling tables and more. He is the woodworker and I am the sales guy. He does most of the work and its really his project, I am there for support though. We also go out and sell roofs when the weather and time is right for it. Like I said, he is a great partner and I would love to go on to do greater things with him. It can be hard to get him grounded enough to put effort in a single direction long enough to make it work. He works though and I love to work with him.


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