The Comeback

I travel. I will not stop traveling. In my travels I often asked myself what is the point of traveling. Many times it seems that I am running away from something only to have that thing catch up with me all over again. It’s possible that I am running away from myself. I get to a new place and let myself get all over everything until I find the same problems again and again until I get fed up and make for a new start just to redo the entire cycle. The start is always fun. It’s new and exciting and allows me to re express myself in a way that I find more suiting the my self-expectations, but the fact that I keep running into the same blockages points to the fact that there is something deeper that that is stopping me from living a fuller life. Something that I missed a long time back.

It’s in this domain that comebacks can be made. A visualization of things that were missed along the way and a strategy to retake what was once lost. When it comes to attitude it’s very simple to start looking at the world as full of opportunities rather than something else. Simple, yet surprisingly deceiving. I mean you might be fundamentally crazy and the problems that you can’t get past in life are something that your brain chemistry is wired to repeat again and again and a comeback is only a short momentary lapse of forgetfulness where the real problems have moved to a different space than the one currently occupied and as soon as the right situation strikes a trigger then it’s back to the dog pen. Through all the craziness there is one thing to keep in mind that can cut through the bullshit.

Let’s take the philominal instance of being born into this body from a different dimension but still with mind that you have now. It would be a crazy world something close to taking too much lsd and then having to talk with your mother. Simply put the only thing there is to do is to make the best of it. Easier said sitting here now rather than in my more darker of moments of life but the moral point holds. From any point in life and space, weather we have known craziness or not, as human we can only move in one direction: the future. It’s going to keep coming no matter how much meditation or drugs you do. Wherever you go, there you are. What’s important is to make sure that you take a willingness for progress wherever you go. This begs the question then of what is a comeback…

Are we catching up or catching back?  Catch back to the now where you can focus on progress rather than focus on the total amount of progress that should have been made. It would be: How fast can I move from right now (further into the now).

The further behind you get the harder it becomes, which is why a comeback is never something to strive for. Catch word never- comebacks could effectively be used while being cocky, but to strive for failure can only be met with psycho therapeutic therapy of one kind or another. Come backs are done. All learning is a comeback even. In the early stages of learning comebacks are a faster way of learning than blazing a new path. Its when personal creativity overcomes learning from other people’s values is when learning from mistakes becomes obsolete. A way to look wiser would be to act like you only learn from personal creativity and ignore failure. To actually ignore failure would be grievous.

Even while hiding a disguising, the internal reality of the matter is that we have a sense to know authority. It is here that comebacks are brandished in the form of challenge. Here, listen to how someone else values the world, now live up to someone else’s standard.  But what of self overcoming? What argument could strengthen the value of self overcoming in compared to the value of overcoming values of others. It takes courage to do something by yourself. Independence and individuality and for the sake creating a new path, but all arguments play to some pleasant sound in the word and not to functionality, which is not enough for truth of action


A sweet word whispered for truth of action

Like a mind trick or serpents tongue

Can trick the wisest into satisfaction

Worms and walls become undone


Learn from others. Test the possible by achieving a comebacks that is impossible.


This could be the hardest thing to do, but to give fire to dark places is the aim of this article, and here I sit looking into the world with less fire than what might normally propel me forward in times such as these. As I type I reach for answers stored in my own fingertips. With each word I can feel my eyes clearing up and thus my brain sinking at ease into my own skull. I believe that everyone is endowed with a sense to know exactly what we need to do any given time. Sure there are times when the deciding what to do can be more difficult, but what I mean to elucidate is the point of doing what we know we must. The strong are able to do what they must even when times are difficult and so we must be strong, but how is the question. How to be strong?

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