Breaking free to the other side

The courage to forge a new path independent of what others think more often than not achieves the label of dangerous and evil. How close can anyone even get to the edges of human consciousness? The first thing that comes to mind is a book on how to think independent and profound thoughts(joke). Based off how many people reach the edge it seems it would be the hardest thing to do. This is counter to what I have written in the past which makes it that much more important to read and to write. I will go over the new feeling of independence that comes from avoiding the herd. I will go over the power and strength that can be gained from forging new paths, and then there is the pain, loneliness and danger of walking roads seldom crossed all pointing to the question of who am I, who are we, what are we doing?

I have never owned a dog because I love having the freedom of movement. The ability to pack up and move to Alaska is something that I could do tomorrow if I wanted to rough it like that. With a dog I would need to find a place to keep it or someone to watch it when I go away from wherever I am living. Sometimes people are much like dog in the sense that you cannot leave them without causing distress. This is the first level of freedom of independence that can come from going alone. Breaking away from people that will use personal distress as a tool for manipulation and what shame will I bring upon them to the point where it gives me pleasure to leave them stunned and sputtering for direction, but this is not my aspiration and can only give momentary pleasure.

The real goal seems to be able to make your own way or make a new path. Lessons learned from climbing mountains however, is to take the paths that others have made before. It’s much easier to climb and you can climb much higher on an already formed path. More so than new paths is new zones that freedom can be found and in these zones that new paths can more effectively be made. Already there are paths to these new zones and many times they are some of the most difficult paths. To get to these zones takes great strengths and even more discipline for the edges of consciousness are the only places where consciousness is expanded upon and also where anyone may fall off as if the nature of consciousness were flat like that of an old world.

The fear is real in this place and for good reason. Modernity plays off these fears and has developed many tricks and pitfalls to deceive and enslave. There are also new opportunity for new zones that have only recently been discovered, and many skilled individuals are now clamoring to forge the first path. A great and dangerous race. Like seeds blown into the wind, few will last long enough to produce a flower.

For myself it’s a challenge to find new zones. I know this is not true for everyone and that some people can effortlessly strive for greatness, but for me the frame looks most like shackling down my many impulses that would run me back into the muddle of unoriginal living. Every year I wait for that kind of discipline that will take me through the bullshit and into the freedom of independent personal expression. The future is now and the future is up and out of the matrix.


Back on track to get my mind outta wack

I use my own hand to smack the back

Of my head cause if I dont Im strait dead

This anger fueled frustration instead of

Mind numbing media being force fed

I stay two steps ahead of my enemy

Politics dumbed down straight tyranny

Rock your shoulders to the side if you feelin me

I’m here cookin up the next epiphany

Put some God in the pipe and let’s smoke it G

Getting out of control is the point you see

Every mind contains the roots of self mastery

Back strait check out radiantly


The air is thin up here and my mind is clear

My message is severe so lend me your ear

We can break through the fear begin to commandeer

Our bodies and minds to blast through the atmosphere


To go it alone is the calling you become evil

Getting back to innocence; the retrieval

So far ahead that modernity looks medieval

Sociopathic psychotic and upheaval

Words developed the keep the beast in chains

Shackled with rains to suffer another man’s pains

I was made for something greater I can feel it in my veins

Can’t you see how my skin is covered in blood stains?


Rollin out the new strength of the lion

Dedicated discipline till I’m strait flyin

One step closer I’m on the road to Zion

At the end of this path is a dragon I’m defyin


The monster that is about to be released

is already tearing down the walls build by these fucked up police

Radiant confidence and courage increased

To the point where there is not


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