Spiritualism Skepticism

Walking around these lakes got me in a rut. I mean the kind of rut that comes from lack of motivation and feels like there is a haze over all that I perceive. It’s one of the worst punishments anyone can bring upon themselves, but such is life and sometimes in life we get ourselves into places we don’t want to be. Its how to get out of these places is the topic of this paper.

If anyone has ever taught you how to boil frog while its still alive then you know the trick is not to put the frog straight into boiling water, for it will simply jump out as soon as it is in, but to put the frog in comfortable water then turn the heat on low so the water will take time to heat up and the frog wont realize how hot the water is getting until it is too late. While the story is not literally true (frogs will try to escape) it does illustrate the point that it’s often times the things that creep are the things that get the best of us and that we must maintain constant vigilance to keep afloat in life. Easier said than done however. Nowadays the world is a bit too complex for our human brain to get a full grasp upon (I have heard that Aristotle was the last person to know all there was to know) and now we must rely on shortcuts to slice through the overwhelming amount of nonsense and distraction that we face on the daily. Too much time spent on The Great Wall of Facebook should be enough to set anyone to red alert asking what might be the problem: what’s wrong with me?

The truth is I have no idea what is wrong with me, it’s probably a myriad of things. Why can’t I do what I know I must do all of the time? Its when I arrive at the conclusion of “fuck it” is the time I feel better. This mental jump from “what’s wrong with me” all the way to “fuck it” is what interesting.

For this story the “what’s wrong with me” starts out with putting all my effort into a bunch of dead end jobs, working to achieve someone else’s dreams, making just enough money to effectively show up for work the next day. Something like that is enough to put 80% of the world into a happily docile haze. One night night I was out with my friends crawlin around town from pub to pub I get a text from my old friend Moose who brings up a long forgotten dream of mine- traveling the country and work at festivals. It takes me about 12 hours to process through this shift of a life, but when I wake up the next day I have the new ability to beam a path before my feet. All of a sudden I have no time for facebook, there is too much to do.

Turns out Moose is posted up in Eureka Springs Arkansas and that I am to find my way there. Eureka Springs is a town my old friend Lynx is living at currently. To learn that I could see Lynx on this journey was information that hit me deep. See, Lynx is a wise woman who possess a strange vein of wisdom. This strange vein of wisdom has caught my attention throughout the years. She believes in a version of history different than the scientific or the traditional religious doctrine and what’s most impressive about her view is the vastness, the complexity, and depth of her thought. When speaking with her I get a feeling that she is onto something even though I know it falls deep into the category of “batshit crazy”. All I can say is that she is of the pleiadians variety and that most of you would call her insane if you ever took the time to hear her out. Generally when I hear people talk of alien insemination I try and find the best way to escape, but with her there is something different. I get a feeling in my stomach like there is a bigger mystery to be uncovered. This feeling has sparked my curiosity to such an extent that I now overpowered by the drive to answer my question. You see, this feeling in my stomach is something that I have experience before to a lesser extent but have always written it off as unimportant. Now I feel it stronger than I have ever felt it before. Too strong to write off. My suspicion is that this is a spiritual feeling and that it could lead me to a profound awakening that could change the rest of my life. My question is: could it be real?

The following days have done nothing to stifle my awe in this new found feeling. My movements to make things happen have been met with so little resistance that I feel like I can do anything. Ten minutes on Craigslist and I get me free ride from Minneapolis to Eureka Springs (guy is traveling to Mexico and would like some company for the ride… Bingo!). Then spent the day on the beach meeting exactly the people I need to meet, i.e. beautiful women and friend groups/roommates. One week ago I thought to myself “when it rains it pours”. This week I think “fuck it”.

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