What does it mean to mean?

I do not mean to take this paper into a cyclical philosophical direction necessarily by attempting to pick myself up by my bootstraps in defining a word with the same word. Instead I mean to do. I mean to look at the context in which a goal is stated and carried through upon and conversely look at when goals are stated but not carried through. What is it that gives us the ability to mean what we say and say what we mean? I mean to look at all those situations where we can say something and not really mean it. I mean to look at when we say something and mean it. And finally to look at the degree to which we can mean something.

I am never drinking again. A square triangle. I could eat a planet. Let’s examine these statements from last to first. The last statement is not meant literally but still there is meaning. The meaning is that the person is extremely hungry and may even have the experience of being capable of eating a planet but still not able to physically eat a planet. They would be delusional, but even in delusion there is meaning. I can’t escape meaning. Everything has meaning! Ok then let’s look at a square triangle which is a mathematical impossibility. Meaningless unless used to describe something impossible… again we find meaning. Let’s take a jump to the nuts then. “I am never drinking again”. Something I have said many times thinking I meant it every time but in the end it it turns out that I did not mean it. Sure it has the type of inescapable meaning in the kind of I was feeling super hung over and had made up my mind to make the attempt to never drink again but did not possess the willpower or the memory to make it a reality. What is also meant is that I tried to mean something but truly did not mean it, and even if you asked me at the time I would have agreed with you that I do not really mean to never drink again. Something in my gut could have told you what I really mean to do with my life. Its that feeling in my gut that I hope to get more in touch with by the end of this paper. Please come and join me.

Lets now look at something that we do mean… I will leave Black Eye Coffee in about 20 minutes from now. There, this is something that I can say with very high confidence. I can say this with high confidence because I know all the variables that I may face in the next 20 minutes. When I say that I will go to Australia I know that there are many more variables and there is a much greater chance that I will not go to Australia though because of my determination to go I can still say with confidence, I will. It’s the feeling of determination to make something happen that I want to get in touch with and so let’s see if we can summon this on the spot with a statement of intent.

I will not drink any soda for the rest of this month. There are only 5 days left in this month so this is not something that should be too hard but I do drink enough soda that this is something that will take effort. Besides the raw intensity of the gut by which I can mean something the task of bringing the vision to reality becomes a job of details. I have read that elimination of weak or on the fence words can help. I might becomes I will but even then I will can have less meaning than I might. Will power.

Will power is a muscle. It can be used up and it can be strengthened. Healthy foods help as well as daily exercise. I can imagine being able to always do what I must do. To always do good I could changed the world and we always know what is good. Deep in the gut we know. Tonight I will read for an hour.

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