To Canoe the Mississippi

A date has been set and the bags are beginning to be packed. My friend and I have chosen to join the leagues of elite ventures by canoeing to New Orleans from the city Minneapolis. The trip should take just under two months to complete plus the time we spend partying in the towns we pass through. Finding a third traveler to join us would be ideal for a trip like this. Two paddlers and a middle man. The trip of a lifetime.

My progress on this trip has been mostly dreaming and not much else. When I write a blog post on something it is generally the start of something great. My next step is to read of other people’s adventures down the largest river in North America.

And so here it is. My step by step plan on how I will escape debt and travel the world at the same time. This is a back turned to a life of luxury which is becoming a far and away dream anyways, and a life turned to adventure while living on the brink. Something that I can write a book about and have a greater shot at immortality than working the standard American dream. I will need to stay vigilant to deportation and I will need to learn the skills of survival of my own accord. The system is a very large entity that I will need to evade/use but in their size lies their weakness. Someone like me will be able to scamper on by using only what I need like a mouse eating the crumbs from a wild beast. At least I refuse the shit.

The housing collapse was an indicator of something bigger in play. Next comes the water. The best tools that we have for survival are our natural born instincts and one another. New communities that work with the help of each other are more important than money for so many reasons. I choose the life through the community rather than the life through society. While I can’t run away and expect to get away in good conscious, I can choose not to play. I would expect something of the sort to catch up with me if I went completely rogue so I will need to play the game in order to escape the game.

Play the game with a canoe and paddle as I take a trip down the Mississippi. After that I may disappear for a bit into the jungle of south america and become a real life Zarathustra! But first things first. Tomorrow I get a second job as a delivery guy in the hot summers of Minneapolis which will provide me the funds to make the paddle. An interview with an insurance company just so that I can have that last look into the corporate life I will be giving up on. A book on the psychology of persuasion, and a search for the third person (girl) who is able and willing to make the paddle with us. Oh the wonder of having intense purpose of life.

I could rant about the injustice of having a middle and lower class pay for all the fuck ups of the elite and then about on about the system the elite have created to keep their own personal shit dumpsters in line and away from the truth about freedom through the media, the division of groups and alcohol, but I will keep that to a minimum. Instead I will try to show how I feel through action (best idea for a blog ever) by saying fuck it all, but hey right now all I’m thinking about is getting used to too many marvelous days in a row and forgetting about pain just so that I can forget about pleasure as well.

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