On pushing your limits 

This is a story about growth. About a certain style of growing activities. The style in which one intentionally puts oneself in uncomfortable situations in order to learn a new way of life acquire new skills. 

In the past few months leading up to marti gras much of the town have slipped into a style of living characteristic with the season.  For myself I have forgotten my purpose and thus have become at the effect and not at the cause. Many failures in business have gotten me down to the point where I have actually considered minimum pay for hourly work as a suitable way of life. I have almost let my dreams of world exploration leave me. While I have maintained a stead workout and meditative practice, my reading and writing habits have left me. I have taken up the passive life and will stand for it no longer. 
Back to the books I go- Think and grow rich. Back to writing- This post marks a new period in my life and a shift on my way to an elvish lord. 

Hippies range in class and education. As hippies rise in class they basically become elves. When I hippie has gained complete control over their body and mind they are then able to transcend humanism and become something more. I want to be an elf. 

Elfs eat a perfect diet without much meat. Palio for now on out. Elfs drink tea and do yoga. They are exceptionally wise because of all the books that thy are constantly reading. They have a knowledge of the world because of their extensive travel. 

Apply for jobs, read books, watch good YouTube videos, go out to practice my skills of conversation. 

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