Build a successful sales team and business in New Orleans. With the help of Garret Bruss and Link Security I can achieve an income of over 60k with in the upcoming year and 80k within the next yeat. I can do this by learning the sales system and producing more than three sales a week, and by training others to do the same. I will build a team of 8 competent sales produgie sales profesionals that all are able to make a living by working harmonously within my team. Finding young tallent through the high school programs here in Nola would make my working expirience ritch and rewarding. Giving the information that I know to children would be the most rewarding thing that I could do. In this two year timeframe I will complete by bachelors degree and create a type of person that can competently and efficiently move to any goal that he sets himself.

During the summer time I will travle to different transformational festivals and distribute the DMT that I have created over the winter in New Orleans. There are many skills that go into the distribution of this medicin including the managment of a substance that exists outside the leagal sphere. Secreacy, trust, charisma, and wisdom are all essential elements to operate within this new sphere. A festi persona will need to be developed and a festi crew gathered.

After two years I will be 26 and I will have the opportunity to live in a new location. Europ is on my mind. In Europ I will expose myself to a knew side of life and will determine the best place to raise my kids. There is so much that I do not know about Europ that I cannot fill in this section of my life with any certianty but for 2 or 3 years of my life I will live here and I will fill my life with abundance and prosperity.

When I am 29 I will move to New York. A competent and successful business man I will still be able to party. I will find a girl that is willing to travle the world with me and have some kids. Once I have found her we will explore, looking for wisdom and a place to settle down to have two to three kids. I will raise them and give them the best life I can. They will be diciplined, intelligent, and athletic. Once they have become self sufficient I will look for an ideal way to die. I will be loved and missed. My life will be remember by excellence and bravery and my legacy will be passed on by all who loved me.

The End