Flowers for a dying day

Working on Avalow farm is an extadic mix of work and learning to be adaptable. My second week of work begins tomorrow and I cannot wait to see what it will bring. Tonight I will go to bed with a charged phone so that I may wake up and start filming the morning routine which, in chronological order goes, meditate (10min), nature work out, shower in the waterfall, read, smoke weed in the office with the crew. A perfect start. 

I will need to wake by 7am in order to get what I need done and I will need to develop a workout plan- which will be- 10 one handed push-ups (3 sets), log lifting, sit-ups, and plank (2 min). 

Friday I will go on a hike with Em. Cute girl and strong woman. By this time I will have The Dome assembled of which I will sleep in for the next two months. Work on the farm, a humble job in Makawao, beach adventures and I am set. Ahowoska September 11th and the possibility of self synthesizing dmt. Stability, strength, flow and harmony.


In this time I will need to make money for Nola and buy a saxaphone and practice. Yoga and Kung-fu on hill side. Farm work and friends by night. In a world of growth and prosperity I will attain self mastery. 

New Orleans will be a different style. Rather than a world of humility and work, Nola will be lived on the front lines dancing and performing music will be what propels me to new hights. With Sam by my side I will play. Working the industry will turn more profit than I ever before attained in my life and it will be here that I will have the resources to unleash the awesome thing built within.  

After a short time in New Orleans New York is where I may head in order to test my capacities against the raging machine that is the concrete jungle. Within the rat race I will find a wife. A strong woman who believes that true love is a thing that will sweep her away from all other commitments in order to reveal the profound. Away we will go.   

We will travel the world. Australia, Asia, the Middle East, bits of Africa, and Europe. As fully developed intellectual entities nearing the peak of our power will we find a quite space with good schools to settle down and raise the family. Three children who grow to reach different mountain peaks of their own. A high place to rest I will have successfully traversed the most intense fire of life. 


As an old man who has boldly devoted a life to mastering wit and never losing touch with the youth, I will be able to softly read my books and pass help down through the links until the opportunity comes by which I may use my death to serve for the greater good. For the sake of life, love, and wisdom may my deeds live long past my body. After this there is no more but wind and ashes. 


A life of puzzle sick of soil

Questioning every day

May loves true light shine on through

Never to run away
Beyond the lookouts of every post

Beneath the stone and clay

We find new light that’s ever stronger

Never kept at bay
Within the cracks of every footprint

That fad away to grey

The is but one guiding principle

That beckons us away
Be sure of this my only child

Within the battle and the fray

That there hope of betterment

In flowers for a dying day


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