It’s a search for happiness. 

“Imagination is the human compacity to look into the all of the possible futures, pick the best future and pull it to meet the present moment.”

It’s a search for happiness and a quest for freedom. To reach reach above the clouds and unfurls ones wings in a desperate display of power and wisdom. With the sun shining on ones back we have the right to be the gods of which we were born as. Leting the universe unfold and the beauty of life touch the deepest and most protected places of our hearts. We are exactly as we were meant to be. 

There are those that creep. Under the rays of the sun do they squirm. Writhing from within the gut calling for a changing of the spine. Through art and deception. Through bliss and ignorance. Do not let down your guard for this lends is not to be looked through. 

Strait up. No one is invincible and there are things in this world that can forever taint the soul.

“One must be an ocian before one can even thing about taking on a polluted stream.”

Keep to the higher path and let no one take you down. They will say you have a high horse but off your horse only weakness can be found. Let yourself be taken. By spirits that are strange. Let’s yourself be carried away by the people that play a different game. Always be aware. Of forces that devoure. For there are people out there. That prey for your weakest hour. Sweetness is a touch that will never turn to rotten. Live a life of love and never be forgotten.

This blog makes me sick. So much of it is fake writing that was grabbed from someone else. Trash that has been spewed from some darker emotion that has not earned the ability to see the light but through some twisted creativity it turns into art. Nasty and shriveling. It begs. Fuck that and fuck what it creates. To a higher path do go. 

Oppression of the oppressor

I mean to give freedom to you. Look at this world and the powers that control you. Question these powers and rid yourself of the needless and deplorable ones. This process will not be pleasant but I promise the rewards are profound. Get out of bed you sickly people. Get out of bed or I will take your bed from you and make you sleep on the floor. Get off the floor or I will take that from you as well! There is much to be done and I need all of you to be at your best. 

A detailed analysis of body language

Most of my blog posts thus far have been a jumbled assortment of thoughts that flow out of my mind and onto the computer. Most of those posts have taken a considerable amount of time and research believe it or not, but now I feel it is time to get some focus and direction in my life which is why this post will be directed to the sales process.

Body language is an increasing popular topic in our culture which is no surprise as some studies conclude that non-verbal communication makes up as high as 70 percent of our communication process. When looking reading about body language it can be tricky to find information that explains the intricate aspects of everyday life that include culture and situation. So here it is, a comprehensive explanation and analysis of why we move the way that we do.

Dominance: taking up space, eye contact, and relative position.

Imagine two individuals in conversation (it might be helpful to picture them as male). One of the individuals sits with firm posture. Back strait, legs stiff, and hands clasped tightly in their lap. With a simple motion of placing each palm flat on top of each thigh this individual can demonstrate a greater degree of control over their situation. With another motion of extension of the feet further from the body and by taking up more space, more control can be felt. Imagine spreading all of your body parts as far away from your chest so that you are taking up as much space as possible. Try it. It feels good. Pay attention to how much space people take up relative to their position in the group.

Eyes are the gateway to the soul. Empathy happens with maximum intensity when looking into the eyes of the other and how I possibly could have thought I could cover even 1% of eye contact in anything less than a book is insane, so here is a short youtube video that might be able to get close.