What else could there be?

Life is will to power. Everything that we do is a strategy that serves the will to power. Two different strategies that I would like to point out. That of the vampire and that of the sun. The vampire sucks the life out of everything around it so that in the end it’s the only thing left with any life at all and can thus unfurl in the death and decay it has created. This is opposite to that of the sun which nourishes and makes grow all that it’s light fall upon. Only in a healthy Ecco system is the sun able to shine.


I mean to give freedom to you. Look at this world and the powers that control you. Question these powers and rid yourself of the needless, deplorable ones. This process will not be pleasant but I promise the rewards are profound. Get out of bed now you sickly people. Get out of bed or I will take your bed from you and make you sleep on the floor. Get off the floor or I will take that from you as well! There is much to be done and I need all of you to be at your fullest if we are to succeed.