Just a meditator

The people around me are dying. They can’t handle existence. Where is the way out and how can we complete this? Why do they do this to themselves. It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when we were all you. We could sing and dance and laugh and play and everything was fun. Now I am older and I look down from above. The misery and despair the lingers in the heart of the ones I love. For what is it worth why do we suffer? There must be some good that comes from blood shot eyes undercover. For now I say no and sigh, gently do I weep. Under tear stricken stars I morn for those things that creep. I don’t know the half of it. Maybe I should settle down. Get far away from the madness the blood the guts and the town. Retreat to solitude and make life easy for a day but oh no the work goes on and never again shale we play. There is a new mindset that exists far away from here. Take my hand and come and see the concequice of fear. The place were pain is felt and closely shackled to a will. A will of control and pressure, a lion before a kill. It’s not the pain that stops us, it’s weakness of a different sort. Lack of control and blindness that drives us to our last resort. Sit now and pray. Work for peace of mind. Today is of hardships. Tomorrow is a different time.

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