Confusion, delusion, illusion.

And then you have that point when someone who has been through hell decides to open up to you and puts everything into perspective.
“Why are they doing this to us?”
I see some of the best people put in the worst of situations. It’s the noble cast of exploitive, domineering, and aggressive strategy that makes it’s way to the top. This is no problem and displays itself in a motivational aspiring style.

What is the problem? Confusion?

I see a new type of leader. I saw one of them yesterday rolling through town with his dreadlocks up in a bun tossing a peace sign to me as he passed. Loss of ego is a side story and life to these people. They are nearest the societal roots of love and like a messenger from the divine bring deliverance to all they touch. To see and be with these people, to seek them out and sling their message into the far reaches of the world. Oh how I long for their gaze and how desperately I will search.

Work is what I do, and work is what I offer. Like a warrior I will find my fight and I will fight for these great commanders.

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